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Adult Coaching

As part of the new coaching program we are starting some Adult Coaching Sessions at the club. These new sessions will be starting on the 10th August 2014. There will be 2 types of sessions running, each session will cost £3 for a member or £3.50 for a non member.
Rusty Rackets:

A program based towards the senior members of the club. The session is obviously a great way to try and get back into the sport or re-kindle the form you once possessed. This group will be coming soon to Waterloo Tennis Club.
Adult Group Sessions:

These sessions on a Sunday morning. The session will start at 12pm. The sessions will include everything from technique coaching to tactical matchplay. All sessions will have a fun playing environment and I’m sure there will be plenty of laughs along the way.
For more information contact Head Coach Joe Moore on 07850696795 or email us.

At Waterloo there is an extremely enthusiastic group of members who play tennis on a wide range of levels and standards. We have 7 adult teams all together, four being men, two woman and one mixed. Competing weekly against other clubs from around Liverpool & Southport in doubles format. All though the aim is to win it is clear to see that everyone playing enjoys their time on court what ever the standard.

As well as competitive tennis at Waterloo their are plenty of opportunities to get involved on a social tennis level. This includes weekends and evenings as well as the friendly team who play team matches with a heavy emphasis on socialising. As well as Tennis Waterloo also run a table tennis team out of the club. This year is the first year back in the league and it is fair to say everyone involved can’t get enough. We even see the table make appearances at many of our evening functions (which you can read more about on our website). 



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  1. Ladies……… The season is nearly upon us and with that we are going to kick start it with Practice Nights!! They will start on the 28th March at 6pm and then be every Wednesday after that untill the start of the season!! We would love it if everyone could attend so that we know how many Ladies we have for team selection. If yo are unable to make it but keen to play please contact Roxy / Cassie Wolfe. also if you are new to tennis or would like to start playing then please come down and get involved!! If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us!! Thanks Roxy and Cassie xx 🙂 xx

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