Waterloo LTC Anti-Bullying / Racism Policy 

WLTC is committed to providing a friendly and safe environment for all of its members, so they can play and socialise in a relaxed and secure atmosphere. 


The club will not tolerate bullying of any kind at the club, whether it is verbal, physical or emotional. 


Shouting, swearing, threatening language, hurtful teasing. 

Belittling, demeaning or patronising comments 


Threatening body language or blocking someone’s way 

Invading personal space 

Touching or pushing 


Spreading malicious rumours 

Excluding someone or ignoring the person – especially during social play or occasions. 


(Race Relations Act 1976/ Race Relations (amendment) Act 2000) 

It is prohibited for any member to make racist jokes or comments. 

The club has a policy of welcoming people of all ethnic backgrounds and will not allow racist behaviour to take place. 

Any members found to have acted in either a racist or bullying fashion will be reported to the committee. 

If found guilty they will be dealt with severely. 

Punishment will range from a warning letter through to termination of membership. 

In extreme cases the club will encourage and be fully supportive of any Police investigation. 

The Committee. 


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